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Cremation Services

As cremation continues to become more popular, many individuals desire different options. It is important to recognize that your choices are not limited should you choose cremation as a method of final disposition.   cremation

There are five basic options regarding cremation:

Public Viewing and Service - Visitation open to family and friends followed by a funeral service.

Private Viewing and Service - Visitation for family members. Viewing a loved one for the last time to provide a peaceful image of the deceased. Private viewing reaffirms the reality of death and, in many instances, is the beginning of the grieving process. In essence, this is a final chance to say goodbye.

Memorial Service - Service with cremains(processed remains) present. Usually conducted at the funeral home or place of worship.

Immediate Cremation - No visitation, rites or ceremonies. Includes removal of remains, temporary shelter, processing of all paperwork, and local transportation to crematory.


210 Ingram Avenue | Cumming, GA 30040 | Phone: (770) 887-2388 | Email: joey@ingramfuneralhome.com,