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Funeral Guide

Burial or Cremation?
One of the most difficult decisions you will need to make is whether you want the deceased body buried or cremated.
Regardless of whether you choose to cremate or bury the body of the deceased, if you intend to to have any sort of viewing, you will need to decide whether or not you want the body embalmed. Embalming is a process of chemically treating the body to forestall decomposition. Essentially preserving the body for viewing.
What Kind of Service?
Service types and helpful tips.
Burial Options
Burial and cemetery options.
What Will It Cost?
Ingram Funeral Home offers services from basic cremation, embalming, cremation services and complete traditional burial service. The price can vary depending on your budget and choices. Our licenses funeral directors will be happy to discuss the options and help you understand the selections available and the costs.
Understanding Costs
It's your right, and our desire, that you have as complete an understanding as possible regarding the cost of our services. If you have any questions on this information or any other aspect of the funeral, feel free to call us.
Dealing with Grief
Dealing with Grief? We have provided some information to help you along the way.
Order Flowers
Order flowers.

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